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M-90 Lifting Airing Rods Manual Lifting Clothes Rrying Rack Manual Drying System

Heavy-duty Hydronalium clothes rods, more stable, never bending deformation.

Rose Goden Color.

Loading capacity could be up to 80Kg.

Hand reel designed with steel wire rope winding preventing technology.

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1. Whole Hydronalium clothes hangers.

2. Strong Hydronalium clothes rods, more stable, never bending deformation, 7 times electrophoresis and 3 times oxidation treatment for surface, and the color will never fade.

3. Antique imitation appearance, hand reel designed with steel wire rope winding preventing technology,saving 50% labor.

4. Steel wire rope is made of flexible SUS 304, 7*7 strands, length is 7/7.8m, and could be customized up to 15m the Max. The rust resistance is 5 times of common steel wire rope .

5. All pulley are made of hpb59-1 copper, never get stuck, and they are durable.

6. Loading capacity could be up to 75Kg.

7. Double clothes airing rods, each rods could go up and down individually.

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TAG:  manual drying system





Rose Golden

Rod Material


Max. Loading Weight

75 Kg

Hanger Qty.

15 Pcs

Steel Wire Rope


Hand reel

Push-pull type crank, push in to control 1 rod’s lifting while pull out to control the other

Clothes Airing Rods

Double Rods, 2.4m


TAG:  manual drying system



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