Automated Multifunctional ceiling mounted laundry rack Automated Ceiling Mounted Intelligent Electric Clothes Airer Automated electric laundry rack electic drying rack Electric automatic laundry drying rack

Model E-Q8 Multifunctional Automated Remote Control Ceiling Mounted Clothes Airer

Automated Laundry System.
Integrated with backup power supply system.
Exquisite and fashionable appearance. The surface treatment is electrophoresis.
Reinforced double X shape retractable bracket design. 50-meter wireless remote control.
With LED panle, Electric drying and airing drying, UV Light Sterilization.
Low noise, fast lifting speed. Four rods design, the rods could be stretched.

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1. Low noise DC motor. With longer service life up to 150,000 hours. 

2. Integrated with backup power supply system, the machine could work when meets power failure.

3. With intelligent lifting design, integrated LED lighting system, smart electric drying system, air drying system and UV light sterilization. All the above devices could be controlled by the remote controller.

4. The UV light will stop automatically within 30 minutes and the electric drying system will stop automatically within 2 hours.

5. Reinforced double X-shaped retractable bracket design, anti-swing, lifting is more balanced.

6. All-round safe protection, it will stop once meets over-loading, blocked, over voltage or over heated.

7. Total clothes hanger holding capacity is 20 pcs.

8. Using 7*7 flexible 304 stainless steel wire rope, advanced technology tight rolling system, the steel wire rope will never be stuck and used for a long time.

9. The surface treatment is electrophoresis, sustain 20 years not fade.


Suitable for home, villa balcony, apartment, sun room etc.

Can be installed on all kinds of solid concrete ceiling, integrated ceiling, sun room steel girder etc.

TAG:  electric cloth hanger





Purple Golden

Up-down Height

155 cm

Lifting Weight

50 Kg

Working voltage


Motor power

55 W

Lighting Power

17 W

Drying Power

2*350 W

UV power

2*7 W

Fan Power


Main Unit Size

150*29*8 cm

Airing Rods

4 rods, 2 for clothes and 2 for bed sheets /telescopic rod /150-240cm



TAG:  electric cloth hanger



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