How to solve the problem of drying clothes without balcony at home?

In this time of life, buying a small house or renting a house is the choice of many ordinary families, but many single rooms because of the limitations of conditions, there is no balcony, so how do we dry clothes? Solutions are more difficult than anything else. Instead of worrying, let's take remedies for the symptoms and use some creative drying utensils to expand the unprecedented drying space.
1. Floor type folding clothes hanger.
Floor foldable clothes hanger, its greatest advantage is flexible, when used out, when not used up, not occupying space. It is suitable for outdoor, bedroom, living room balcony and so on. It is very convenient.
Advantages: easy to absorb disadvantages: Limited air drying.
2, "hanging on top of the world" hangers.
The hanger can be skillfully combined with the corner of the home, track structure, can be repeatedly disassembled combination, flexible and changeable. Simple assembly, no drilling, no damage to the wall, one person can easily handle. You can also choose scaffolds according to your own needs.
Advantages: succinct, small space occupying disadvantages: can not air dry clothes.
3. Concealed clothes hanger.
If you are worried about the above clothes hanger occupies a position, not good-looking, look at the folding shrink design of the clothes hanger, when used can be pulled up, when not used, shrink, hidden against the wall, occupy a small space, on the wall does not affect the overall effect.
Advantages: disadvantages of folding shrinkage: Limited air drying
4. Outdoor folding clothes hanger
Skillfully use the retractable clothes drying rack, you can dry clothes outside the window, convenient, just a few screws on the wall.
Advantages: easy air drying, no space disadvantages: it is impossible to dry in rainy days.
5, electric clothes dryer.
Orad electric drying machine, that is, intelligent drying machine - set of full-effect three-dimensional drying technology, radio frequency remote control, LED art lighting, light wave intelligent sterilization and other functions as one, high-end intelligent balcony home products. Especially suitable for ordinary residences, villas, row houses, apartments, resorts and other family residential use, is one of the necessary home furnishings. Advantages: remote control lifting, drying clothes and quilts, natural air drying, constant temperature drying, light wave sterilization, dynamic load-bearing 35KG, ultra-low silence, stop in case of obstacles, indoor and outdoor can be installed and used, set the top to dry, occupy a small space.