Why is balcony equipped with intelligent clothes dryer?

At present, many people feel that the price of intelligent clothes dryer is high, installed a waste of money, do not know the ordinary clothes hanger defect more, integrated down it is better to install a clothes dryer, one key to solve all problems.
Disadvantages of traditional clothes hangers
1. Extended balcony clothes hanger: suitable for families with no balcony or limited balcony size, but also the most disadvantages: clothes outside, no cover, easy to be blown away by the wind, dust pollution caused by secondary pollution; must always pay attention to the weather, rain not timely collection will be wet; if living in concentrated residential areas, but also to prevent building It's too bad to drip.
2. Top fixed clothes hanger: fixed clothes hanger on the top of the balcony is the most common, easy and cheap to install, the only drawback is too high, drying with the help of clothes fork - I believe that we all have to hang clothes with a fork for half a day and eventually wet clothes to hang a body of water. In addition, if there are elderly people in the family, whether it is to use a clothes drying fork or step on a stool, it is easy to injure the waist or cervical spine, troublesome and dangerous.
3. floor-mounted clothes hanger: the advantage of floor-mounted clothes hanger is that not only can be used to dry clothes, many people simply buy as open-style wardrobe, but the floor-mounted design, doomed to this kind of clothes hanger will occupy the original demand on the high ground space, buy a large size, too much space; buy a small bar, load-bearing is not the same. OK, I can't hang up a few clothes, let alone drying sheets.
Two, intelligent clothes dryer: all the pain points are in one step.
1. is it easy to throw away dirt?
The double-riveted scissors and arrow-shaped clothes-hole design of the ORIDE intelligent clothes dryer, for example, greatly improves the wind resistance. The design of the double-core air-heating and circulating air duct can perfectly cope with all rainy days, and can also dry without the sun, avoiding the secondary pollution of mold and clothes drying, and perfectly solve the problem of extending outside the balcony to air-dry. Hangers are easy to throw away and dirty.
2. insecurity?
Compared with the fixed clothes drying rack, the biggest advantage of the intelligent clothes dryer is that it can be intelligent remote control, automatic lifting and adjusting the height, whether old or young, can easily air clothes. At the same time, there are five kinds of safety protection, such as over-voltage, over-current, over-load, over-heat temperature control, stop in case of obstruction.
To sum up, instead of saving a little money and making your life troublesome and uncomfortable, it is better to grit your teeth and install a smart clothes dryer, and henceforth no worries, enjoy a perfect life!