Details for balcony decoration design

In the apartment building with reinforced concrete, the nearest natural space is the balcony. People can dry clothes on the balcony, plant flowers and grass, or overlook the balcony or read newspapers on the balcony to add a leisurely and comfortable taste to life. With the continuous improvement of people's aesthetic awareness and pursuit, whether the installation of intelligent clothes dryer on the balcony affects the decoration and design of the balcony has been paid more and more attention.




In the balcony infrastructure construction, people often neglect some problems, so as to bring irreversible damage to future residence. Therefore, the intelligent clothes dryer reminds you that we should pay attention to the following points in decoration design:
1. bearing:
At present, the balcony structure of many buildings is not very good, the bearing capacity of balcony floor is usually about 2 kilograms per square. If the stacked goods exceed the designed load-bearing capacity, the degree of safety will decline, and it is very likely that dangerous situations will occur.




2. reconstruction:
Now many families in order to expand the use of area, the pursuit of good decorative effect, often the balcony and the interior open, in fact, this is very dangerous, because there is a wall between the bedroom and the balcony, this low wall called "counterweight wall", plays a supporting role in the balcony, if this wall is removed, it will affect the balcony. Safety, if serious, may also become a balcony collapse; therefore, in the process of decoration can be room and balcony between the doors and windows removed, but the "counterweight wall" absolutely inactive.




3. drainage:
The bottom edge of the window is the easiest to penetrate, usually reserving two centimeters of space under the window, and then sealed with cement (preferably sealed with a special foaming agent). If the balcony is used for indoor landscaping, more attention should be paid to drainage. Otherwise, if the drainage is not handled well, it is easy to cause problems such as water accumulation and water leakage.




4. balcony windows:
Windows with good sealing quality and reliable quality must be chosen and the quality of installation should be paid attention to. Ensure very effective shelter from wind and rain, partition of dust and noise, reasonable structure so that the windows can be opened inward, do not have to lean out the body to clean the windows, cleaning is very safe and simple.




5. window sill:
Stone materials such as marble, granite and so on are best used for window sills. Because compared with wooden window sill, stone has waterproof, sunscreen, non-cracking and other characteristics, long service life, but also wear-resistant scratch resistant high temperature, is a very good material of choice.




When decorating, every detail determines the quality of living, so we also need to stock up on building knowledge, not only for safety, but also to provide basic security for the next design - to design a small garden on the balcony, a small study, a small laundry, equipped with a high-end Orid intelligent dryer is not a question. Question!