What kind of clotheshorse is the good clotheshorse?

The clothes drying pole and quilt pole, as the drying system in the intelligent clothes drying system, are related to the quantity and quality of clothes and quilts. Exquisite design, fine workmanship, superior material can not only complete the basic clothes drying pole function, but also enhance the user's drying experience, to give users a noble enjoyment.
So, what kind of clotheshorse is the good clotheshorse? It can be distinguished from the following aspects:
1. material:
At present, the mainstream drying rods on the market are made of aluminum alloy and titanium alloy, but because of the high price of titanium alloy, generally are equipped with high-end intelligent drying machine. So how do we distinguish the two? Normally, when we break the edge of the clothes drying rod, the texture perception is soft, can break the bending of aluminum alloy; texture perception is rigid, force breaking does not deform the titanium alloy. Because both are relatively light and rigid materials, in the daily life of the normal drying play are very good, so the clothes industry is the mainstream producer of choice.
2. structure design:
Whether it is a drying rod or a rod, the current mainstream market is two kinds of telescopic rods and straight rods. What is the difference between the two? As the name implies, the telescopic rod is a retractable rod, which is characterized by a lengthened rod in addition to the main rod, and the two are connected by clips. Normally the lengthening rod is embedded in the main rod and is pulled out when used. The advantage is that it does not occupy space and is flexible and convenient for handling and transportation; the disadvantage is that the lengthening rod and the main rod are connected by clips. If the clothes are aired by the lengthening rod overweight, deformation may occur under the cumulative accumulation of days, but after scientific experiments, the service life of the clothes dryer is completely free from problems. The advantages and disadvantages of straight rods are just opposite to those of lengthened rods.
3. detail design:
Friends who use stainless steel as balcony drying Poles believe that the most touching thing is: just hang the clothes tidily on the clothes drying poles with clothes straps, the wind blows, the clothes arranged in a tidily clustered, like a sticky rice ball. First of all, the minimum drying effect is plummeted. And the intelligent electric clothes hanger's clothes drying pole has not only the bedding pole of the finished pole, but also the hanging hole of the humanized design. The design of the hanging hole is not simply to open a few holes in the clothes pole, which involves the details of: how much space between the two holes is reasonable? How big is the aperture size? Does the shape of the hanging hole affect the user's hanging experience? What kind of hanger hole can improve the appearance of the whole pole of the airing pole besides realizing the basic hang function?
4. design:
People are not stingy about good things, such as favorite stars, many people tend to exclamation: fascinated appearance, stuck in talent, loyal to character. For the important appearance components of the intelligent clothes hanger, the appearance design of the airing pole is particularly important. Excellent appearance design can not only make the use process simple and convenient, but also improve the overall image of the clothes dryer, and thus enhance the whole intelligent clothes hanger grade.