Principle of UV light killing clothes hanger

Principle of ultraviolet bactericidal lamp for electric airing machine
Why do you sterilize it?
1, clothing in the process of washing, through the flow of water is very easy to form cross infection, especially women, children, the elderly underwear and so on; in the process, through the air infection of the virus and bacteria, such as public places, hospitals.
2, during storage, clothes are damp and easily breed bacteria. The mold is actually bacteria.
3, quilt after use, storage time is too long, it is easy to breed bacteria.
Bacteria in the above conditions can not achieve the purpose of eliminating bacteria by traditional washing, so we have to sterilize them separately.
What's the harm of the germs on the clothes?
Clothing pathogens directly cause skin disease, human body resistance is weakened, the incidence of infectious chronic diseases and so on. Orlant electric dryer protects your family's health problems from eating and dressing. The emphasis is on prevention.
How do you sterilize it?
The electric clothes dryer uses low pressure mercury vapor ultraviolet lamp to achieve the purpose of killing germs by ultraviolet radiation and ozone purification. Low pressure mercury vapor lamps mainly produce 254nm and 185nm ultraviolet rays.
Ultraviolet radiation sterilization: the ultraviolet ray of the 254nm wavelength is easily absorbed by the organism, acting on the genetic material DNA of the organism, causing the destruction of the DNA to cause the death of the bacteria; ozone sterilization: the mercury vapor will produce the ultraviolet ray of the 185nm wavelength, and the ultraviolet radiation of this wavelength can turn the O2 in the outside air into O3 (ozone) and stinks. Oxygen is a very active molecule. It is easy to change with other molecules, resulting in further decomposition and conversion to oxygen, so as to update the air, deodorize and sterilize.
It has been proved by scientific experiments that the Reed electric airing machine can effectively kill 18 kinds of harmful bacteria, such as typhoid bacteria, dysentery bacteria, coliform, Staphylococcus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and Bacillus subtilis.
The electric airing machine is intelligent control according to the clothes, and it can stop automatically when it reaches the ideal germicidal effect. It takes about 30 minutes for the clothes of the family of 3. The authority of the health department proved to be true and effective.
Application extension
A, dry goods food can be placed in the disinfection basket before eating (accessories optional) to kill bacteria, traditional warm water bubble and can not kill bacteria, such as fungus, mushrooms and other fungus plants;
B, balcony after red electric dryer air evolution, the air is more fresh, for your viewing cool place escort;
C, such as in the bath room and other environmental installation of Austrian Reed electric clothes dryer, more wet, dark places sterilization, to prevent the growth of bacteria.