Analysis of clothes hanger industry

The modern clothes hanger industry started in the mid and late 90s of last century. With the birth of the first batch of professional production and sale of clothes hanger enterprises, the professional clothing equipment has gradually entered the consumer's life. Shenzhen Ao Chuang Intelligent Industrial Co., Ltd. is engaged in the intelligent hanger industry for 19 years. It is the first batch of companies specializing in the manufacture of hanger industry in China. Before the rise of the modern clothes hanger industry, people's clothes in daily life are mainly met by simple tools such as hanging bamboo pole, rope or other tubular metal. The appearance of professional clothes hanger equipment has changed people's drying habits. The clothes hanger is built with the hardware material as the core material. It has fixed shape, extendable, lifable and easy to operate airing equipment. The development course of this industry mainly includes three stages: from the original landing, out of the wind and hand style clothes hanger, to electric electric dryer driven by electric power, and then in recent years. The function of the multifunctional clothes dryer and the clothes hanger products has been greatly extended and enriched.
The intelligent clothes dryer is a kind of household product which uses electricity as the driving force and intelligent direction. It is mainly composed of motor driven power system, intelligent control system and alloy body system. According to the diversified needs of the users, the integration includes lighting, sound control, remote control, drying, drying and air drying. Disinfection and other functions. At present, the proportion of intelligent clothes machine sales in the air hanger industry is low, but with the social development, the continuous improvement of the consumption level and the continuous pursuit of the people's quality of life, the overall consumption demand of the industry has shown a trend from the traditional hand to the intelligent electric upgrade. Therefore, the clothes hanger industry is also changing from the pure metal products industry to the smart home industry.
First, the general situation of the clothes hanger industry
The clothes hanger products are widely used in the field of residential decoration, so the sales of clothes hangers are related to the sale of commercial housing. With the continuous improvement of the living standard of the residents and the continuous enhancement of the household consumption ability, the demands for the quality of life, especially the demand for the convenience of life, have also been improved. This trend has led the development of the whole clothes hanger industry. The current consumer has gradually regarded the clothes hanger as a necessity in life, and the purchase and installation of the clothes hanger has become one of the necessary links before the modern family decoration is completed. Therefore, the real estate industry has a strong impact on the clothes hanger industry. The demand for the decoration of the commercial housing has promoted the overall development of the clothes hanger industry to a certain extent.
Changes in consumer demand and habits among young people are also important factors contributing to the further development of the clothes hanger industry. 70, after 80, even after 90 after the consumer gradually become the main buyer of clothes hanger products, from the habits of life, these groups of people live faster, pay more attention to the use efficiency of products, the product function, quality, style and color, and other factors, and more willing to buy quality guarantee and well-designed brand products. Goods. The intelligent clothes dryer products, which fit their consumption habits, are easier to get the favor of the new generation of consumers. Therefore, the clothes hanger industry, especially the intelligent clothes dryer, will release huge consumption demand potential.
The core of the electric clothes dryer is electric drive, which is different from the traditional clothes hanger from the power mode. Due to the change of the power mode of the electric clothes dryer, its function has also made many breakthroughs, making the function of the clothes hanger more diversified. At present, the common medium and high end electric clothes dryer in the market has the functions of remote control and lighting, which improves the use efficiency of the balcony space and subverts the traditional air drying mode. And the leading air hanger brand in a few industries, its products are integrated with sound control, drying, disinfection and App control of mobile phone. It has already taken the step of changing the product from the electric to the intelligent, making the clothes hanger the traditional manufacturing industry, after the injection of high and new technology, the new vitality, also conforms to the current. The trend of industrial transformation and consumption upgrading. At present, the main industry transformation direction of the clothes hanger industry is the upgrading of smart home industry, and its representative product is the intelligent clothes dryer.
Two. The situation of market supply and demand and the reasons for its change
With the further advancement of China's urbanization process and the increase in the number of urban residents, the demand for urban housing has led to the rapid development of the real estate industry and the clothes hanger industry. In 2015, China's urbanization rate has reached 56.1%, compared with developed countries in Europe and the United States, there is still a higher room for improvement. According to the relevant departments, by 2020, the urbanization rate in China will reach 60%, the new housing area in cities and towns will reach about 5 billion 300 million square meters, and the per capita housing area of urban residents will reach about 35 square meters.
Under normal circumstances, the service life of a set of clothes hangers is 5-8 years, and there are many needs for renewing clothes hangers in the residential cycle. In recent years, the prosperity of the real estate market has brought a large number of housing stock, with the arrival of the service life of the clothes hanger, there will be a lot of two purchases and demand for product renewal.
In recent years, the change of consumer demand leads to the change of commodity supply. The intelligent, comfortable or environmentalized clothes hanger products have gradually come to the fore in the market. On the one hand, it meets the diversified consumer demand. On the other hand, as the added value of the product is higher and higher, the overall average price of the clothes hanger is also rising. And then it promoted the capacity improvement of the clothes hanger industry.
Through the Internet mode, enterprises can directly face the consumer sales through the online marketing channels, not only reduce the cost of the channel, but also can grasp the market dynamics more intuitively, improve the marketing response speed, and thus capture the development opportunities as much as possible. Therefore, the popularity of Internet marketing channels will play a significant role in promoting the development of the industry.
Three, the barriers to the clothes hanger industry
Brand barriers, the clothes rack brand as a recognition mark, plays a key role in consumers' choice of similar clothes hangers. And the establishment of the clothes hanger industry brand, often need long time investment, construction, management and maintenance, therefore, the brand will become a high threshold for the newcomers of the clothes hanger industry.
The barrier of design and design, the difference between the clothes hanger enterprise is particularly evident in the R & D and design ability. It is the key factor to gain the leading advantage of the industry by making the advantages of R & D design and designing a product that is more in line with the needs of the customers.
The sales channel is one of the core competitive resources of the clothes hanger enterprises, and it is also the guarantee for the revenue of the products. Whether the sales channel layout is perfect is the key to whether a clothes hanger can win the market.
As the consumption of clothes hanger products has a certain seasonal fluctuation, how to coordinate the purchase plan, inventory turnover, logistics distribution installation and capacity arrangement, so as to effectively balance the demand of both supply and demand, requires a higher level of supply chain management and experience. Therefore, the management of supply chain is also a major threshold.
The clothes hanger product series and a large number of categories, logistics distribution, installation and debugging and maintenance testing are more complex, it is necessary to establish a special after-sales service team throughout the country, which is difficult for the newcomers of the industry.
Four. The technical level and characteristics of the clothes hanger industry
At present, most of the domestic clothes hanger enterprise production equipment investment is less, production depends on manpower, the product quality is general, lack of R & D design ability, imitates mainly, product homogenization phenomenon is serious. In recent years, with the upgrading of intelligent clothes dryer, the material of the clothes hanger industry has adopted a large number of new tubular motor, LED lighting source, film covering plate and lead-free welding technology. The characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving are more in line with the healthy and environmental concept of the consumer. At present, information technology has been popularized and applied in the clothes hanger industry, but the information level of most enterprises is only in the most basic phase of hardware and software construction, and the integration of information is still low.
Five, the business model of the clothes hanger industry
Clothes hanger enterprises usually organize production according to orders, and some large enterprises in the industry will formulate corresponding production plans according to the sales plan. The production orders are mainly from the orders submitted by the dealers. After receiving the orders, the enterprises purchase the raw materials according to the material needs, and finally produce the clothes hanger products according to the orders and plans.
The lower reaches of the clothes hanger industry are mainly dealers, and the products are sold to the terminal consumers through the distributor system; at the same time, some enterprises will have direct franchised stores to sell the products directly to the terminal consumers. In addition to the channels under the line, in recent years, e-commerce channels have been widely used in the clothes hanger industry, some of the mainstream clothes hanger enterprises have taken it as an important layout direction.
Six, the competition pattern of the clothes hanger industry
Modern Chinese clothes hanger products from the initial stage of development of the industry, the single functional hardware products, developed to the present, has become a variety of functions, beautiful design and new material in the home life of the essential products. At present, the domestic clothes hanger manufacturers are numerous, but the brands in the industry are different. Most of the enterprises still stay in the low end competition stage of the price and cost, and the supporting R & D, sales channels and brand promotion strength are still relatively short.
Seven. Factors affecting the development of clothes hanger industry
With the improvement of people's living standards and the quickening of the pace of life, the consumer concept of consumption is changing. Safety, health, comfort and environmental protection have become the core concept of home life. Consumers are more concerned about the appearance design of the clothes hanger products, whether it is in conformity with the overall style of home and decoration, the diversification of the product's function, the health and health standards of the product, and the climate conditions in the area, which also promotes the products of the clothes hanger industry to the intelligent home products. To develop, intelligent home products tend to have high added value, which has led to the improvement of industry profits. To a certain extent, these factors will have a beneficial effect on the market of the clothes hanger industry.
Most of the purchase of household products occurs when new houses are purchased or the old house is decorated. Therefore, there is a certain connection between the consumption demand of household products and the development of the real estate market. In recent years, China's real estate market has developed rapidly, but in this process, the phenomenon of larger price increases in some areas has also appeared. In order to maintain a stable and healthy development of the real estate market, the state has issued a series of policies to regulate the real estate market, while the real estate market itself also follows the laws of the market economy and has the characteristics of periodic fluctuation, which will have a negative impact on the market of the clothes hanger industry to a certain extent.
Eight. The profit level of the clothes hanger industry
The clothes hanger industry is now in the development period. The products mainly include the traditional clothes hangers such as hand type, floor type, floating type and so on, and the intelligent clothes dryer driven by electric power. At present, the profit rate of the traditional clothes hanger industry is considerable, but the trend of profit growth will gradually slow down under the influence of low price competition and labor cost fluctuation, which are relatively low in the threshold of production.
Nine, the relationship between the upstream and downstream industry chain of the clothes hanger industry
The upstream industry of the clothes hanger industry is mainly the raw materials industry, such as hardware fittings, aluminum profiles and plastic products. The downstream industry, through the distribution channels of dealers and their stores, e-commerce platforms, and so on, finally sells the terminal consumers with family as units, and there is a more obvious correlation effect between the industries.
The development and change of the raw material market in the upper reaches, especially the price fluctuation has a direct impact on the production cost of the clothes hanger industry, and the market price of the raw material is mainly influenced by the fluctuation of the commodity price.
The downstream of the clothes hanger industry is generally sales channels such as distributors and electronic business platforms. The mutual benefit between the sales channel and the enterprise, cooperation and mutual benefit, help the enterprise to complete the sale of the product, and the brand influence and scale effect of the enterprise also provide the powerful guarantee for the sales channel to gain the sales profit.
In addition, the clothes hanger industry and the real estate industry have a certain relevance, the related policies of the real estate industry, the number of housing transactions, and other factors, will have a certain impact on the development of the clothes hanger industry and the market space.
Ten. Other features of the clothes hanger industry
The clothes hanger industry is closely related to the development of the national economy and the consumption ability of the residents. At the same time, it has also been influenced by the real estate industry to a certain extent, showing a periodic characteristic.
In terms of consumption, clothes hanger products are increasingly becoming the necessities of home life. As the level of consumption is closely related to the level of residents' income, the consumption of the relatively developed economy in the eastern and coastal areas is relatively more.
In production, the enterprises of the clothes hanger industry in China are mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and central China, and Guangdong is a relatively concentrated area for the production of clothes hangers in our country.
The clothes hanger industry has a certain seasonal characteristics. The terminal sales rhythm of the clothes hanger products is related to the time of the consumer choice of the house decoration or the time for the replacement of the renewal of the home products. The first quarter is affected by the traditional Chinese New Year's Spring Festival, most of the customers choose to finish the decoration of the house before the Spring Festival or begin to start again after the Spring Festival, so the sales of the clothes hanger products are relatively small. In addition, from the beginning of the two or three month, the south area of the Yangtze River will continue to return to the South and the Meiyu season, and the air humidity will increase accordingly. It will also affect the sales and installation of clothes hangers. Therefore, the overall sales volume of the clothes hanger industry in the first half of the year is less than that of the second half of the year.