Avoid misunderstanding of installation, correct installation method of clothes hanger

With the constant innovation of intelligent technology, smart home products, such as intelligent locks, intelligent kitchenware, intelligent clothes hangers, are very popular. As the professional intelligent clothes hanger manufacturer in the industry, intelligent clothes dryer is entering thousands of households. How to install smart clothes hangers correctly is a headache for many people.
People are no stranger to intelligent clothes hangers, but not everyone knows how to install intelligent clothes hangers. If the installation negligent some installation details, it is very easy to affect the normal use of the product, so in installation, must avoid installation misunderstanding, then red clothes rack correct installation method is what?
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Step 1: determine the location of the installation
The model of intelligent clothes hanger is different. The installation space is different, so the installation position must be determined before installation to avoid the problem of installation space and affect the normal use after installation.
Shenzhen Ultron  Intelligent Industry Co., Ltd.
The second step: installation and fixation
When installing, it is necessary to measure the actual installation distance, determine the position of the hole and determine the position of the installation. After the installation, it can be perforated with an electric drill and then fixed with an expansion screw. In the installation of an electric hanger, a small step is often ignored - a fixed scissors frame, often this small size. Section ignored will affect the use of the product, so pay special attention when installing.
Third step: Test
It has its own testing methods for the installation of electric clothes hangers. For example, check the fan and drying: check whether the two sides of the wind machine can turn and shut down, there is no abnormal sound and so on. Check whether there is hot air on the two sides, there is no sound, smell and so on, according to once opened once more is shut down, after closing the cold air cooling 30S will close the fan.
Good products, the correct way to install, can enjoy the convenience of the smart home life, but also because of the serious and responsible installation attitude, make the smart clothes rack consumers to use the ease, enjoy the convenient and efficient life of intelligence.